Z-Man Razor Shadz 4.5″


The toughest chatter bait trailer on the market

Length: 4.5″

(4 Baits/Pack)

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Featuring a segmented, fish-shaped body and forked tail that create an extremely lifelike baitfish profile, the RaZor ShadZ pulls double duty as a first-of-its-kind floating/diving soft plastic jerkbait and the perfect bladed swim jig trailer to complement the new Project Z™ ChatterBait®. When fished unweighted on a 3/0 or 4/0 EWG style hook, the RaZor ShadZ floats on the surface at rest, yet a broad, sloped head causes the bait to dive on a twitching retrieve, creating a floating/diving action that cannot be duplicated by other soft baits. The RaZor ShadZ doubles as a perfect bladed swim jig trailer when conditions call for a bulkier ChatterBait profile to mimic full-bodied forage like bream, shad and herring.

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