Duo Realis V-Tailshad 3″ Non-Salt


The large concave design in the back section will not only control the rising and sliding of the bait during shaking, but also efficiently transfer a realistic pulsation towards the tail section.


The Duo Realis V-Tail Shad is a versatile little bait that just about any fisherman in any fishery could find a use for. With versatility being the name of the game for the V-Tail Shad, anglers will find a seemingly endless amount of ways to fish them. With a naturally appealing quivering action, these baits efficiently mimic a distressed baitfish with a tantalizing tail flicker and body roll. They have a salt rich soft plastic composition for high buoyancy that helps keep baits horizontal in the water. The V-Tail shad can be rigged on jighead, Neko rig, drop shot, wacky rig, Texas rig, used as a trailer on a spinnerbait or swim jig, and can even be fished weightless.


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Watermelon/Red Flake, Smoke/Silver Purple Flake, Clear/Copper Flakes


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