Shimano World Diver 99SP


Miniature, yet delectable, the Shimano World Diver 99SP offers a deep-diving, bite-sized profile that is packed with advanced lure technologies

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The World Diver 99SP suspending jerkbait comes packed with Shimano lure technologies to make it the ultimate deep-diving jerkbait on the market. The World Diver 99SP utilizes Shimano's patented FLASH BOOST technology to emit an enticing flash during the retrieve and mimics a wounded baitfish on the pause — a combination that's sure to trigger a bite from the wariest of bass. The World Diver 99SP's small profile and deeper diving depth (6 to 8 feet) make it the ideal lure for targeting suspended fish.

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Clown, Black Gold, Pink Smelt, Pro Blue


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