Duo Realis Spearhead Ryuki



38S: 38mm (1.5″) |2.8g (1/10oz)
0.4-0.8m | 1-3ft Running Depth

45S: 45mm (1.75″) 1/8oz
1-3ft Running Depth

50S: 50mm (2″) | 4.5g (5/32oz)
0.4-0.8m | 1-3ft Running Depth

60S: 60mm (2.4) | 6.5g (1/4oz)
0.4-0.8m | 1-3ft Running Depth

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The Duo Realis Spearhead Ryuki is equipped with outstanding castability and action balance, making it suited to be used for mountain streams and large main streams. The flat yet heavy body creates a sharp action response with the twitch of the rod while maintaining a high swimming performance to deal with the currents of main-river streams. The dense body and flight posture allows for accurate casts so you can hit the perfect spot every time.

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38S, 45S, 50S, 60S


Lime Yamame OB, Chart Back Yamame OB, Metal Red Gold, Green Gold OB, River Bait, Ayu, Yamame Red Belly, Pink Yamame


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