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Designed for a light spinning or bait finesse system (BFS) set up, the Shimano BT Bait 99SS is a slow sinking, multi-jointed swimbait perfect for targeting fish that are keying in on smaller forage. Constructed in a three-piece hard-body design and a replaceable soft-body tail that creates additional attraction, the BT Bait 99SS swims naturally just below the water’s surface and will slowly sink when paused imitating a dying or struggling baitfish. Designed with Shimano’s Scale Boost technology that produces detailed holographic scales, the BT Bait 99SS creates a realistic profile ideal for those clear water situations. Fitted with 3D eyes that add to the realism of this premium finesse swimbait, the Shimano BT Bait 99SS allows anglers to ‘match the hatch’ with multiple fish catching color options.

3 Durable Elastomer Tails

BT Bait 99SS3.9″1/4ozSlow Sinking

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Ghost Smelt, Ghost Ayu, Chart White


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