6th Sense Trace 5″ Swimbait – Floating


Covered in convincing details as well, the 6th Sense Trace Swimbait features checkered scales, 3D eyes, 3D fins, 3D gill plates, and a custom air brushed paintjob that adds a layer of depth to bring it to life in the water.



-6th Sense Trace Swimbait
-1 Replacement Tail

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The Trace 5” is the little brother to one of the best multi-jointed swimbaits on the market. The Trace stands alone when it comes to action and functionality. The Trace 5” swimbait has the same 4-piece body that produces a life-like swimming action. The smaller, more compact, and bite size profile allows the Trace 5” to be extremely versatile on all bodies of water.

With three different models, floating, slow sinking, and fast sinking, the Trace 5” will allow you to fish the depths of your choice. Each one comes with super sharp black nickel hooks, 3D scales, premium paint schemes, and 3D eyes to make this swimbait as good as it gets.

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4K Bluegill, Bluegill Spawn


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