Raid Japan Hira Tailor 3.7 Inch


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An innovation in bellowed soft plastic flatworms, the RAID Japan Hira Tailor is designed to move water and produce an irresistible, spontaneous shimmy. Featuring a block-shaped body covered with deep slits, this unique baitfish imitation enhances turbulence and water resistance to lure giant bass with its lifelike movement through the water. With delicate rod maneuvers or left sitting completely still, the Hira Tailor emits vibrational waves in the water that adapt to the forage in your waters with a range of effective sizes. From fishing weedless Texas-rigs to top hook jig trailers, the versatility and performance of the RAID Japan Hira Tailor speaks for itself and redefines fishing bellowed flatworm-styled soft plastics.

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Smoke Shrimp, Aomiso, Guripan Sukeru, Minagill, Tenaga EBI


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