Outkast Tackle Money Jig


When high pressure and cold fronts roll in and a smaller presentation is the only way to go, the Outkast Money Darter Jig Head pulls through when nothing else will

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Fishing isn’t for the faint of heart. But when the conditions get tough, the Money Darter Jig Head shines. Designed with a distinctive, mushroom-shaped head, this terminal tackle delivers a downsized presentation that temps even the most lock-jawed of bass. Our Money Darter Jig Head’s unique design relies on a Gamakatsu hook for easy penetration on a light line and features a double-barb bait keeper that securely locks your favorite soft plastic in place. Available in four sizes and three colors to match your trailer and wind and depth conditions, this darter head jig even allows you to match your hook size to your lure. The next time the temps drop and the bites slow, rig your favorite plastic on a Money Darter Jig Head and you’ll be able to methodically pick apart a piece of structure no matter the conditions.


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1/16oz, 3/32oz, 1/8oz, 3/16oz

Hook Size

#1, 3/0, 4/0


Black, Chart, Green Pumpkin


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