Outkast Tackle Standard Replacement Jig Skirts 5pk


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Designed for replacing the used or worn-out skirts on your fishing lures, the Outkast Tackle Standard Replacement Jig Skirts allow anglers to effectively match-the-hatch and create custom presentations to improve your success on the water. Assembled using approximately 45-55 strands of high-quality silicone skirting material, these premium standard-cut replacement skirts are glued to a ‘hold-in-one-band’ silicone core to ensure long-lasting durability. Available in a range of the best-selling colors from the hog snatching RTX Flip Jig and Juice Jig lineups, the Outkast Tackle Standard Replacement Jig Skirts are perfect for swapping out colors or replacing damaged skirts on your favorite jigs, buzzbaits, or spinnerbaits!

(5) per package

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Bruise, Sunfish, Black Blue, Peanut Butter and Jelly


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