Outkast Tackle Chicken Jig


Outkast Tackle’s spin on the popular “preacher jig”

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The Chicken Hair Jig is a familiar style with a couple of very important twists. First, this hair jig has a synthetic at its base, giving the chicken jig bulk and a tantalizingly-slow fall rate. This feature allows you to launch this jig a mile and gives you the ability to cover a ton of water. Its incredible fall rate also allows you to fish slowly in “the juice” and keep the bait moving at a very slow pace. We named this hair jig the Chicken after its two long chicken feathers that run down the middle of the jig, which create a natural swimming action that perfectly imitates large baitfish. The second feature that makes the Chicken Hair Jig so special is that it’s paired with the renowned “Goldeneye” style head and a stout 5/0 VMC heavy wire. Unlike preacher-stye jigs, however, the line tie on this model is at 30 degrees, keeping this bait level and running true for its bottom crawling action. The video below is a must-see for this jig!

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