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Center flat design!Expert angler also acclaimed surface model, “Trout Expert WEEPER” which came to be called “weeper action” due to its unique movement. Although it is lightweight, it suppresses excessive lifting, and it is possible to capture by controlling the range of the surface layer in centimeter increments. Since the bite occurs frequently immediately after landing, the design that starts up at the same time as the retrieve does not miss a chance. In addition, it has a track record of being active in lift and fall at the bottom, which is the opposite of the surface layer, as a back technique usage. The outstanding good start-up comes into play in that you can take a firm action even during a short lift.”Trout Expert WEEPER” are tournament-quality spoons that can break through the situation where everyone is silent.
1.5g : All-round model that does not choose the field.”Weeper action” that works for low activity trout.Keep the action of eating even in dead slow retrieve.Supports a wide range from the surface layer to the middle layer and bottom layer.

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.9g, 1.5g


001 Horyu Red Gold, 002 Pressure Impact, 003 Creamy Pink, 011 Ice Silver


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