Jackall Kaera S2 Beat Frog


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 A specially tuned version of the legendary Kaera, the Jackall Kaera S2 Beat Frog features a bladed attachment that amplifies action and acoustic appeal. Creating a defined scratching noise and a bit of flash with every twitch, the Jackall Kaera S2 Beat Frog delivers an upright position at rest, unlike the floating posture of the original. With a quick snap of the rod tip, the Jackall Kaera S2 Beat Frog plunges its head into the water, creating an up-and-down diving action to entice more strikes by keeping the lure in the strike zone longer. Offered in a range of highly effective amphibian colors, the Jackall Kaera S2 Beat Frog is the go-to frog for anglers who want to ‘beat” the competition.


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Black Frog, Appeal Chart Beat, Japanese Frog, Pink Glitter, Strong Orange Belly Bait, Strong Orange Belly Bait, White


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