Issei Gill Flat Swimmer


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The Issei Gill Flat Swimmer features an S-shaped action with an articulated big body that has a fish-gathering effect and a real fish-like action that leaves a lingering aftertaste. It is designed to float on water by a cavity in the back, and buoyancy can be adjusted by crafting the hole. You can express more realistic movements. The action is such that the angler using it mistakes it for the real thing. No need for a special rod. We made it a max size that can be handled with H class rods. The body is hollow molded to give it buoyancy and improve hooking. In addition, the proprietary internal structure (PAT. P) for amazing durability without compromising flexibility.

Length: 5.7 inch

Weight: 2 oz

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Green Pumpkin Blue, Neon Gill


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