Geecrack Bugpee Creature Bait 3.5″


Designed to imitate a large insect or crawfish with tiny appendages that shake and shimmy, the Geecrack Bugpee Creature Bait is a next-generation fall bait that descends through the water column with an enticing horizontal posture. Featuring a specific gravity of 50%, the Bugpee is a deadly option for the free-rig presentation and excels when fished weightlessly on a 5/0 or 6/0 hook with its unique ability to be fished in deeper water, even more than 20ft deep.

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Muddy Gill, Watermelon Blue Flake, Neon Texan, Sexy Pink Blue, Green Pumpkin, Cobalt Blue Craw, Watermelon Blue Flake


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