BKK Spear EWG 71 SS


The SPEAR EWG-71 SS is a 1X-strength treble hook specially designed to be equipped on crank baits of all types. The shorter shank enables this hook to sit closer to the body of your lure, minimising the impact on its swimming action and the chances of snagging.

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Carefully crafted to enhance the performance of your favorite crankbaits, the BKK Spear EWG 71 SS Treble Hooks employ smart features and proprietary technology to maximize your plug's action and hook-up abilities. To excel with a variety of hardbaits, they employ a shorter shank that enables the hooks to sit closer to the body of your lure, minimizing the impact on your bait’s action and reducing the chances of it snagging on vegetative and hard cover alike.

The BKK Spear EWG 71 SS Treble Hooks also utilize BKK’s Super Slide coating as well as razor-sharp needle points to ensure lightning-fast and buttery smooth hooksets anglers can be confident in. Once you have that surging bass on the end of your line, the Extra Wide Gap construction helps to reduce the chance of pulled hooks and missed fish. An ideal enhancement that makes a great crankbait even better, the BKK Spear EWG 71 SS Treble Hooks will help you put more fish in the livewell and tournament checks in your pocket.

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