Decoy KG Hyper Worm13 Hook


The perfect all-purpose wide gap hook for flipping and pitching into vegetation

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The Decoy KG Hyper Worm13 Hook excels with a variety of presentations when a heavy tackle approach is required to reach the fish. Utilizing an extra heavy wire and oversized barb, the KG Hyper Worm 13 Hook provides the strength to remove fish from cover with a barb that demonstrates incredible keeping power. Forged with a wide eyelet to accommodate knots with heavy fluorocarbon lines, these hooks feature a premium NS Black coating to disguise them from predators. Designed with an extra-long, inward-facing hook point positioned offset above the eye, the Decoy KG Hyper Worm13 Hooks ensure good contact with the fish on a hookset with a unique bend that prevents them from shaking loose.

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