BKK Fangs 62 Treble Hooks


The BKK Fangs 62 UA is a highly versatile treble hook specifically developed for saltwater applications. It features BKK’s signature Ultra-Antirust, a coating providing superior resistance to saltwater corrosion.

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Inspired by the proven hook-up ratio and traditional bend of the O’Shaughnessy hook, the BKK Fang 62 Treble Hooks deliver tournament-grade performance and exceptional versatility for a wide range of saltwater applications. Featuring BKK’s signature Ultra-Antirust coating for superior resistance against saltwater corrosion, each treble hook is built with a forged shank construction that provides 20% more strength compared to similar hooks on the market.

BKK Fang 62 Treble Hooks use ring-type line tie to provide plenty of room for attaching heavy-duty split rings, and the length of the hook shank is suitable for use with various kinds of hard baits including, topwaters, jerkbaits, and crankbaits. Available in a range of hook sizes to accommodate a variety of hard baits, the BKK Fang 62 Treble Hooks come with needle-sharp points that ensure rapid hook penetration and seamless hooksets.

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