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“Shot Wacky Rig,” a popular method in which the slight vibration of the hook is very effective for catching bass.  The “Shot Wacky Rig” was invented by a super loco angler and has spread nationwide in Japan.  ZAPPU ZERO INCH WACKY is the best balanced reproduction of this rig, which was created by sticking a ZAPPU soft shot to the Ryugi’s wacky hook.

By placing the worm and weight extremely close to each other, the ZERO INCH WACKY produces a natural and slight vibration action with less travel than the conventional inch wacky.  This creates a natural, slightly vibrating action that is effective even in tough conditions.

In addition, the hook does not fall over on the bottom, and the eye and weight position are balanced to allow the hook to slip through structure.  And, the weight position are balanced to prevent the hook from getting caught in rocks.

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1.8g (1/16oz), 1.3g (3/64oz), 0.9g (1/32oz), 0.6g (1/48oz)


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