Zappu Pinfree Shot Tungsten Drop Shot Weight


Zappu Pinfree Shot 1/8 4pk

Zappu Pinfree Shot 3/16 3pk

Zappu Pinfree Shot 1/4 3pk

Zappu Pinfree Shot 3/8 2pk

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Made with an elongated teardrop profile and triangular cross-sectional shape, the Zappu Pinfree Shot Tungsten Drop Shot Weight suppresses water flow resistance for a quick rate of fall while preventing the weight from rolling on the bottom with its sharp edges. Made in Japan and designed in collaboration with renowned fishing guide Kenta Onishi, the Pinfree Shot Weight is suitable for a variety of rigging techniques including free rigs, drop shot, or punch shotting with the Zappu RPZ Punch Shot System. The pure tungsten material features a matte finish to reduce unnatural reflections, and the sizes are engraved on the side of each weight for enhanced usability. Built with a swiveling line tie to reduce twists, the Zappu Pinfree Shot Tungsten Drop Shot Weights provide a quick fall and improved hold on the bottom that all anglers will appreciate.

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1/8oz 4pk, 3/16oz 3pk, 1/4oz 3pk, 3/8oz 2pk, 1/2oz 2pk, 5/8oz 1pk


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