Strike King Tour Grade Compact Spinnerbait


Tour Grade Compact Spinnerbaits position the blades closer to the hook to eliminate short strikes and improve your hook-up ratio

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Providing anglers with a more downsized baitfish profile, the Tour Grade Compact Spinnerbait features a new streamlined head shape to improve their effectiveness when fishing around cover, the new design allows this spinnerbait to come through snag-ridden cover with ease. Generating tons of flash and attraction from a premium set of Willow blades, Strike King Tour Grade Spinnerbaits feature a light-wire construction that produces maximum vibration even when retrieved at slow speeds. Furnished with 3D eyes, gill rakers, and a durable powder-coated paint job, Strike King Compact Spinnerbaits deliver a realistic presentation in a bite-sized package. Available in a range of pro-designed color patterns, the Strike King Tour Grade Compact Spinnerbaits are fitted with wire hand-tied silicone skirting material for long-lasting performance.

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Cole Slaw, White/Silver, Green Glimmer


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