Shimano Poison Adrena Spinning Rod


The Poison Adrena brings together a slew of proprietary Shimano technologies that together provide the ultimate blend of strength, sensitivity, and functionality

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To be deemed a flagship rod doesn't just require the highest-quality components; that honor also demands unparalleled performance on the water. Showcasing Shimano premium rod technologies, the Poison Adrena series exceeds both requirements and is the ultimate high-performance fishing rod. The incorporation of Spiral X Core construction provides Poison Adrena rods with unparalleled strength while still enabling anglers to benefit from incredibly lightweight rod blanks that are responsive and sensitive. Engineers constructed Poison Adrena with a Full Carbon Monocoque handle combined with an ergonomic Perfection Reel Seat XT on casting models and Perfection Reel Seat CI4+ on spinning models to provide the ultimate combination of performance and sensitivity. Poison Adrena rods feature premium Fuji K SiC guides and a Titanium SiC tip-top guide to offer anglers a series of rods with unequaled performance and sensitivity.

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6'7" ML, 6'10" UL/M, 6'11" MH, 7' M


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