Roboworm Straight Tail Worm


The super soft plastic Strait Tail Worms end up having a very sensitive, alluring action complete with a Salt Release System that provides a burst of salt when a fish bites ‘ causing them to hold on longer for solid hooksets

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Roboworm Straight Tail Worms – Roboworm's flagship series. These are the worms that started it all, Roboworm's original straight tail worm. Computer, and robotic engineered precision hand poured style soft plastic worms. Featuring Roboworm's awesome triple color pours and Roboworm's exclusive "salt release system". When a fish strikes these worms, a burst of salt is emitted, causing the fish to hold onto the bait longer, enabling the angler to detect the bite. No other soft plastic worm can match the detail in colors that Roboworm produces in this line up. This line features the often copied, but never duplicated Aaron's Magic, the top selling color in soft plastic history. The Roboworm straight tail worms excel in all applications, including drop shotting, shakey head, Texas rig, Carolina rig, dart head, split shot rig, flipping' and pitching'. Made in the U.S.A..

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Black Grape, Aaron's Magic, Aaron's Magic R/B Flake, Green Weenie, Aaron's Morning Dawn, Morning Dawn Red Flake, Tequila Sunrise, Baby Bluegill, Bold Bluegill, Morning Dawn, Morning Dawn Chartreuse, Aaron's Pro Shad, SXE Shad, Green Neon Pumpkin, Margarita Mutilator


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