Raid Japan Osakana Swimmer 145



As the nickname of Osakana suggests, the concept is “an existence that attracts bass like a real baitfish”. OSAKANA SWIMMER has been developed with “water pushing” in mind to obtain powerful fish collection power. In order to always exert its presence not only at the time of retrieval but also from fall ~ stay, it is designed with an edgy body shape with a square cross-section. In addition to making the head thicker, the back bill / butt bill also adopts a design that is conscious of water bite. Not only when retrieving, but also even at the slightest line tension during drifting, it reliably captures water and exerts its presence. And the existence of a buoyant body is indispensable for sublimating this sense of existence into a “sense of life”. The Osakana swimmer, which has a built-in buoyancy body that is exquisitely adjusted to the specific gravity by weights, realizes a natural “fall speed” and a “horizontal posture” that can be said to be the key to creating a sense of life. It gives off an indescribable sense of life underwater. From tail action ON/OFF, to freefall and stay, we have succeeded in playing “anxious life forms” that cannot always be left alone on the bass.
It uses an in-line through system that eliminates the eye and split ring swivel and allows the simplest hook to be attached. The hooking rate is improved because it is possible to place the hook near the head where the bus is the target of the attack. By fixing the hook point to the internal buoyancy body slit through a slit placed on the body, damage to the body is minimized, and the strength to withstand impacts such as skipping is ensured. As the fish hits, the hook comes off the body and becomes free.

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