RAID Japan Bukkomi Craw


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Designed for exceptional long-distance casting abilities, the high specific gravity RAID Japan Bukkomi Craw allows anglers to effortlessly reach finicky bass that prefer to keep their distance from the boat or hide under undercut banks. The head, made from a slightly denser non-salt material, guarantees lively backslide action on-the-fall, while the body, crafted from a soft, salt-infused plastic, ensures long-lasting durability and hookup performance. Paired with an offset hook, a MH to H action rod, and 15lb fluorocarbon, the Bukkomi Craw delivers casting distance and natural crawfish movement beneath the surface of the water, sliding back into the face of wary fish.

Featuring a flat body shape optimized to move water and induce a slow, tantalizing undulation thanks to its appendages, the Bukkomi Craw captivates bass with its lifelike movement and stability. Additionally, its rigging versatility allows for easy customization, accommodating your favorite weight configurations for performance in a variety of fishing scenarios. Created to unlock bites from tricky bass taking shelter in heavy cover, the RAID Japan Bukkomi Craw, an efficient backslide bait that will entices bass to strike instinctively.

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