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A monster hog worm with vertically flat claw arms, the RAID Japan Battle Hog 3.8” combines an opening and closing motion to create a complex three-dimensional arm action that emits strong waves in all directions and attracts fish from a distance. Featuring a thick and vertically asymmetric shape, the 3.8” size RAID Battle Hog has two large claws and curly-tailed antennae that react with minimal water resistance and attract fish with an exquisite appeal that isn’t overly weak.

The longer legs on the side of the body prevent it from tipping over and create a relaxed slow movement, while the shorter legs generate vivid pulsing action, each creating multi-stage vibrations that envelope the entire body into a fuzzy and lively existence. Perfect for a variety of basic rigging methods including Texas-rigs, Free-rigs, jig trailers, and more, the RAID Japan Battle Hog 3.8” packs a powerful punch for its compact size and is a deadly tool for catching pressured bottom-dwelling predators.


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#006 Green Pumpkin/Blue FLK, #022 Amezari, #020 Dark Cinnamon / Blue FLK, #037 Sapphire Blue


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