Outkast Tackle Swim Jig Replacement Skirts 5pk


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Featuring 100% silicone and tinsel mixed patterns to match-the-hatch for any condition, the Outkast Tackle Swim Jig Replacement Skirts are perfect whether you’re swapping colors to adjust to changing conditions or replacing a worn-out swim jig skirt. Assembled using approximately 30-40 strands of high-quality silicone skirting material, these high-quality standard-cut replacement skirts are glued to a ‘hold-in-one-band’ silicone core to ensure long-lasting durability when swim jig bite heats up. A premium skirt option for anglers who want the best, the Outkast Tackle Swim Jig Replacement Skirts enhance your presentation with added flash and are available in proven skirt patterns that made the Outkast Pro Swim Jig a best seller!

(5) per package

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Alabama Shad, Black Blue, Bold Gill, Perch, Shell Cracker, White Rainbow


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