Outkast Float N Fly Hair Jig 2pk


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Designed in collaboration with the fish-hungry team at Tackle Warehouse, the Outkast Float N Fly Hair Jig will keep your rod bent in even the most challenging conditions. It is meticulously designed to maintain a perfect perpendicular presentation in the water column while under a float to tempt suspended fish with an irresistible baitfish-imitating profile. Helping to compose that design is a detailed head that incorporates a pair of oversized eyes to enhance its authenticity and provide bass with a strike point. Molded into that head is a premium 1/0 Gamakatsu Jig Hook that not only promises an optimized hook up ratio but also gives anglers confidence in their hardware when a big one is running on the end of their line. Whether it’s fished with the productive Float n Fly rig, tight lined, dragged, or swam through the water, the Outkast Float N Fly Hair Jig is a sure way to scratch a limit when seemingly nothing else will!

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Baby Bass, Shad, Bluegill


3/32oz, 1/8oz


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