OSP Karen 180


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Color: Ghost Ayu

Size: 180mm (7.1in)

Weight: 50g (1.8oz)

*Package includes spare body (tail) and rear hook.

OSP KAREN180 is a next-generation swimbait that can be used in a variety of ways in any field, combining the wave action of a hard bait with the naturalness of a soft bait at a high level.  It can be used in open areas as well as around cover, where conventional swimbaits cannot be used.  The wide square lip provides a good feel when reeling in the bait while also providing high cover avoidance performance.  The soft material body on the tail side wiggles in a more natural curve than multiple jointed baits, enabling long distance skipping under cover.  For example, when fishing in open areas where bass are highly wary, the speed and naturalness of the bait can lead them into biting by showing it on a fast retrieve at the limit.  Also, for bass lurking in heavy cover or overhangs, the lure’s ability to avoid cover makes it possible to take a forceful approach, pulling the bass to the edge of the cover and making it bite in a predatory manner.  The deep bite without hesitation is nothing but because they recognize KAREN as a real bait fish.


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