“The DoLive Beaver” was born as a new bait of hog bait. It has high performance like weedless, easy action, hooking and casting. And it also has lively “Vassallo” action (Vassallo like as Dolphin kick). That is the reason why this bait has succeeded the name of “DoLive”. Mostly the bait for cover fishing becomes simple because it needs to be weedless. So, action tends to be monotonous. But “The DoLive Beaver” is different. It has weedless simple body but at the same time it has precisely designed “Vassallo” puddle that swing up and down widely with its body waving. When you use light weight like 2g, it generates natural “Vassallo” action when it falls. Not to mention, heavy weight like 14g or more. So, “The DoLive Beaver” is good for both slow fishing and quick reaction.

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Kawa Shrimp, Moembi, Watermelon Pepper, Ghost Shrimp, Wild Tenaga, Scuppernong Blue Flake, Dark Cinnamon Blue Flake, Tenaga, Gripan/Chartreuse, Ebimiso


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