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In the constantly changing area trout fishing, “Masukurouto Gluttony” was developed for continuous and efficient fishing for a long time. External factors such as the weather, light intensity, and wind that change moment by moment after start fishing. As the activity of the fish changes accordingly, the key is how long you can continue to arouse the curiosity of the fish and whether you can adjust the speed and movement required by the fish. The “Masukurouto Gluttony” is a strong partner that can widen the adjustment range, which is originally severe. It is not too weak, but it seems that the fish can not suppress the bite of the lure. It is attracted to and brings it to hooking. Adopts a center flat design common to the “Masukurouto” . 1.8g : A model that focuses on fish with high to medium activity and mainly captures the middle layer. It features stable casting performance and high constant range keeping ability. The deep cup design grips the water firmly and produces strong waves. A spoon that has a wide range of winding speeds and allows for a variety of attacks.  good tempo attack.

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#012 Precious Gold, #015 Mad Snow, #027 Victory Brown


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