Nishine Lure Works Erie 115 SD Jerkbait


The Nishine Lure Works Erie 115SD Jerkbait is equipped with an adjustable weight attached to the front treble hook for customized action

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Building upon the meticulously designed Erie 95SD Jerkbait, the Nishine Lure Works Erie 115SD Jerkbait offers deadly performance that is as effective as the original but with a few key changes. First, the 115SD provides a larger profile ideal for targeting fish keyed-in on larger bait and calling in bass from greater distances. In addition to the increased size, the Erie 115 also utilizes a different body curvature and hand-engraved detailing. A free moving tungsten ball inside the bait slides to the tail for increased casting distance then rolls forward into the head and locks in place at the beginning of the retrieve to provide an enticing rattle as well.

Nishine Lure Works

Erie 115SD

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BPB Chartreuse Smelt, Hologram Smelt, Black Back Gold, Pearl Flash, Yellow Perch, EU Chartreuse Perch


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