Nishine Lure Works Dropshot Minnow


The Nishine Lure Works Drop Shot Minnow is coated with a heavy salt layer to prolong the softness of the baits and maintain the longevity of the hand-poured plastic

(7 Baits/Pack)

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The Nishine Lure Works Dropshot Minnow was especially crafted for maximum buoyancy from hand-poured plastic when used with light wire bass and trout hooks.  The Dropshot generates spontaneous action in response to lake currents and gentle rod movements. With realistic colors emulate natural baitfish and forage. They are coated with extra salt to prolong the softness of the baits and benefits of the hand poured plastic. For the best life-like action wacky rig on a dropshot or with your favourite jig head.

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Tennesse Shad, Green Pumpkin Purple, Crystal Shad


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