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Designed by Japanese master lure carver, Hiroshi Nishine, the Nishine Lures Works Chippawa XDD Crankbait is an innovative super deep diving crankbait that provides a compact profile and incredible fish catching performance. Using the DNA of the Chippawa Series, the Chippawa XDD Crankbait features a super long bill design that was carefully shaped and tested to dive quickly but also reduces drag, which makes it easy to fish all day long. With the line-tie placed much farther towards the nose of the bill, its able to avoid obstacles and keep the hooks farther away from snagging the bottom. A fixed internal weight system was also precisely tuned to make the bait fly like a bullet to achieve maximum casting distance.

The original carve of the Chippawa XDD Crankbait includes a compact body shape and flat sides. These two elements combined produce a tight swimming action that looks more natural like a real shad vs big-bodied deep divers that produce a really wide wobbling action. Covered in lifelike details as well, the Chippawa XDD Crankbait features highly defined gill plates, eyes, and scales that will fool even the wariest of bass. Equipped with two sticky sharp Ichikawa treble hooks, the Nishine Lures Works Chippawa XDD Crankbait redefines deep cranking.

Nishine Lure WorksLengthWeightDepth
Chippawa XDD2.4″3/4oz14-16ft

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BPB Chartreuse Shad, Hologram Shad, Ghost Shad, Black Back Gold


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