Nishine Lure Works Chippawa DD Blade Crankbait


Created with the utmost attention-to-detail, the Nishine Lure Works Chippawa RB DD Blade Crankbait was designed from an original, hand-carved mold that has been kept secret for years


The Nishine Lure Works Chippewa DD Blade crank has a proven fish catching wobbling action. It is combined with the Nishine custom flashy blade, which generates a unique metallic sound by making slight contact with the body of the bait. With the addition of the great hunting action, the blade generates the perfect combination of flash and sound to trigger more and aggressive bites.

Length: 2.4 in (62mm)  /  Weight: 0.69 oz (19.5g)

Depth: 8 to 10 ft  /  Type: Slow Float

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BPB Chartreuse Shad, Hologram Shad, Bluegill, Black Shad


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