Nishine Lure Works Abino 110F


The all New Nishine Lure Works Abino 110F Prop bait is a tunable topwater lure that triggers monster bass and can be tuned for any situations

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The best lure release at I-Cast 2021 has arrived!  The Nishine Abino 110F is a fully customizable topwater bait with over 6 years of R&D.  Each prop blade can be removed or flipped around for different action.  The belly weight can be used as is for a loud knocking sound or changed out for a tighter action and less knock. Adding the Nishine weight in place of the blade allows the bait to wake or slow sink.  Basically, whatever you can think of, the Abino can do!

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Juvenile Bluegill, Yellow Perch, Ghost Shad, Pearl Flash


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