Jackall Rhythm Wag Soft Jerkbaits


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A versatile split tail design that produces slight vibrations as it falls through the water column, the Jackall Rhythm Wag Soft Jerkbaits are ideal for no-sinker rigs or lightly weighted jig heads, Texas-rigs, and Carolina rigs. Fully compatible with both standard and backslide rigging methods, the Rhythm Wag is capable of mimicking both a baitfish or crustaceans thanks to a unique hook pocket structure that allows both forward and reverse hook settings.

Poured with a two-layer structure to create a low center of gravity, the belly of the Rhythm Wag is weighted to achieve an upright fall posture, excellent casting performance, and stabilized darting action with each jerk of the rod tip. Complete with a ribbed body that trembles enticingly on the fall, the Jackall Rhythm Wag Soft Jerkbaits are perfect for high-pressure situations when you need a more subtle presentation to get the fish to react.

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3.5, 4.5


Bluegill Pearl White, CB Alewife, SS Shad


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