JACKALL Jimmy Henge 42


Length: 42mm (1.7n)

Weight: 1.7g (1/16oz)

Qty: 5pcs


Jackall JIMMY HENGE is a super reaction bait to catch all basses in one spot.  JIMMY HENGE makes great escape action to turn on predators. By using an ultra-slow fall and a quick escape action with a twitch, it is possible to force a fish to turn on its prey.  And, outstanding casting distance is another feature.  In addition to the rocket-shaped body that minimizes air resistance when casting, the legs are folded to reduce air resistance to the utmost limit for outstanding castability.  It is possible to approach fish in spooky conditions while maintaining distance. Furthermore, the front cup moves the water significantly when a quick release action is applied.  Also, the combination of the flat leg and the sudden braking causes the action to stop with a “snap” without flowing action, which is an important factor in triggering reaction bites.

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Kuwase Smoke, Super Lemon, Sight Pearl White


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