Jackall Drift Crab Mini


Length: Body 1in, Overall 3.3in (Body 25mm, Overall 85mm)

Qty: 4pcs

Material: Elastomer

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Jackall DRIFT CRAB MINI is designed to be the "most easily eaten" size while the original DRIFT CRAB was designed to be the size of the "mostly eaten".  By daring to use buoyant material (elastomer) in a submerged position, it creates waves that bass have never felt before.  It can be used with a wide range of rigs, including drop shot rigs, jig head wacky, nail rigs, and small rubber jig trailers.  One of the advantages of elastomer material is the durability.  It can be used many times.

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Green Pumpkin Pepper, Dark Green Pumpkin BF, Black Copper


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