Jackall Chopcut Jr.


Focusing on function as well as form, the Jackall Chop Cut Propbait features an innovative wire attachment that keeps line from tangling with the prop

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The big prop in the front part is set with the front and rear blades displaced, and the rear blade cuts out the bubbles that occur when water is bitten by the front blade, producing a unique high-pitched sound. In addition, the large vibrations that occur when rotating from a prop designed asymmetrically will shake the body. It matches medium light to medium power baitcasting tackles, so you do not need to use a dedicated tackle even in situations where there are restrictions on carrying the tackle such as in shore games. In steady reeling, it supports a wide range from dead slow to fast retrieve, and it is possible to perform versatile attacks such as table turns and jerking by operating the rod, and it is also effective in summer insect patterns. A top water plug that is fun to throw and fun to fish.

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Bone White, Black White


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