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Offering unbeatable realism, the Imakatsu Lazy Swimmer Swimbait produces a natural and lazy swimming action that will tempt your next PB into biting. Specialized for super slow swimming, the Imakatsu Lazy Swimmer Swimbait features a unique demon tail design, which kicks back and forth like a pendulum and pushes a heavy amount of water to draw attention from big bass. Anglers can also cut the tail in half horizontally along the lateral line to create a more aggressive kicking action that is deadly with faster retrieves when anglers want to keep the bait closer to the surface.

Packaged with multiple rigging options, the Imakatsu Lazy Swimmer Swimbait features a stout top hook that provides rock solid hook sets and is perfect for crawling along the bottom. It also comes with a removeable treble hook harness attached to the belly of the bait, which is great for fishing mid water column, near the surface, or when fish are short striking the bait. Available in a wide assortment of highly detailed colors that will fool lure-shy bass, the Imakatsu Lazy Swimmer Swimbait is a top-shelf soft swimbait that puts big ones in the boat.

Lazy Swimmer Swimbait6″1.75ozSlow Sinking

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Strong Chart 499, 3DR Kogill 507, Real Ayu 338


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