Imakatsu Baby Super Spider


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Length: 33mm (1.3in)

Weight: 2g (1/16oz)

Type: Floating

*Package includes 1 set + additional 2 spare soft bodies.

*Elastomer material is adopted for the high durability.

Imakatsu BABY SUPER SPIDER is equipped with unique bungee reverse arms.  It produces enough slack line to keep insects that have fallen to the surface of the water, and can create natural ripples for as long as possible to keep them from moving as far as possible. This also produces an amazing fish attracting effect that cannot be imagined from the small silhouette.  Great result for sight fishing.

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S-58 Suzumebachi, S-138 HV Dark Green Pumpkin Pepper, S-29 Light Green Pumpkin Pepper


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