Ichikawa Weed Guard Mukade Hook


Now offering a weedless look, the Ichikawa Weedless Mukade Offset Neko/Wacky Hooks are the perfect tool to fling into complex cover when looking for big bites

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Featuring a “V-Guard” weed guard, these hooks are built to go where others can’t. The two flexible appendages are engineered to help your hook shed grass and other cover while still being malleable enough to not interfere with hooksets. A superb option for rigging any finesse plastics, the hook features a thin diameter to reduce its signature while still maintaining the strength needed to handle even the most aggressive fish without bending or breaking. Finished with an ultra-thin anti-rust coating, the Ichikawa Weedless Mukade Offset Neko/Wacky Hooks are ideal hooks for navigating the underwater jungles big bass lurk in.

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