Ichikawa TG1 Hook


Built for finesse applications, the Ichikawa Fishing TG1 Hooks are built for high-pressure situations and light-feeding fish

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Whether you’re throwing a weightless worm, dropshot, Texas-rig, or Carolina-rig, the Ichikawa Fishing TG1 Anemone Hooks feature a barely noticeable light wire construction that won’t inhibit the action of your bait. Covered with the super-smooth IHPF (Ichikawa High Performance Finish) coating, the Ichikawa Fishing TG1 Anemone Hooks offer increased stealth and lightning fast hook penetration. Thoroughly tested and developed, the Ichikawa Fishing TG1 Anemone Hooks deliver unbeatable performance that pairs well with a range of finesse applications.

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1/0, 2/0


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