Ichikawa RC King Kong Shad


Very large profile squarebill that Rick Clunn specifically built to catch big tournament-winning sized bass and to be fished at incredibly high speeds

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The Ichikawa RC King Kong Shad is a large profile crankbait designed by Bass Master Classic Champion Rick Clunn to be fished at high speeds. The King Kong Shad features a narrower square bill to help maintain balance with a flat head to increase hydrodynamics for a smoother dive that other squarebills just can’t achieve.

Size 5: 3.5 inch   1-3/16 oz   3-5 feet depth

Size 10: 4 inch   1 -3/16 oz   8-10 feet depth

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5, 10


Banboo, Twinkle, Sunrise, Headlight, Carnival


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