Great Lakes Finesse Stealth Ball Jig Head 3pk


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A finesse-sized ball head built with a premium hook to handle the biggest fish in the lake, the Great Lakes Finesse Stealth Ball Jig Head provides the absolute best mix of strength and sharpness on a fine-gauge wire for light line hooksets. Featuring a razor-sharp light wire Gamakatsu 604 jig hook, the Stealth Ball Jig Head delivers rapid hook penetration and is sized perfectly for pairing with Great Lakes Finesse plastics or your favorite compact soft baits.

Equipped with a slightly oversized and unpainted double collar bait keeper, these jigs simply create a better hold on your soft plastic trailers so they can withstand the abuse of multiple fish catches. Available in several indestructible no-shine matte powder-coated finishes, the Great Lakes Finesse Stealth Ball Jig Head is the premium super-finesse ball head you have been looking for to fool spooky, highly pressured fish.

(3) per package

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1/8oz 1/0, 1/8oz #1, 1/16oz 1/0


Pear White, Matte Green Pumpkin, Matte Black, Raw


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