Great Lakes Finesse Sneaky Swimbait Head


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Based on the popularity of the Sneaky Underspin head design and by popular demand, the Sneaky Swimbait Head is ideal for fishing smaller 2.5” to 3.25” swimbaits and “Cindy Rigging”. Featuring a fine wire 1/0 Gamakatsu hook and wire bait keeper, it’s designed to match finesse swimbaits and our 2.75” Drop Minnow perfectly. Our custom head design, lifelike 3D eyes, and forward line tie placement allow it to swim perfectly horizontal and through sparse vegetation with no hang-ups. This head excels when fishing with long light action rods, 4-8lb test line and making long casts required to trigger big pressured fish.

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1/4oz, 1/8oz


Matte Black, White Shad, The OG


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