Gan Craft S-Song 115 Floating


The Gan Craft S Song 115 delivers unmatched versatility that allows you to target bass at any depth

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Built with unparalleled Japanese precision, the Gan Craft S Song 115 possesses an incredible amount of detail and a special front under-groove. This under-groove allows water to flow through it, and is the secret behind the lures unbelievable action. By utilizing this current, the Gan Craft S Song 115 can produce an enticing side-to-side and top-to-bottom motion at virtually any retrieve speed. On a steady retrieve, the adequately named Gan Craft S Song 115 moves through the water with a smooth, and unbelievably lifelike S-curve. The width of the S-curve is also easily manipulated by varying winding speed. The Gan Craft S Song 115 even works well with a stop-and-go retrieve, giving it a slightly more erratic, and panicked movement. When fishing the slow-sinking version, anglers can also kill the Gan Craft S Song 115, let it fall to the bottom, and then bring back to life with a quick twitch to replicate an injured or dying fish. The Gan Craft S Song 115 fitted paired with striking 3D eyes, and an amazingly realistic scaling. In addition, the Gan Craft S Song 115 is also equipped with razor sharp Owner Stinger Hooks, and an absolutely surreal paint job.

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Nakahira Buna, Gogawagill


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