Gan Craft Killers Bait OVER Spinnerbait


The Gan Craft Killers Bait OVER will put your spinnerbait game OVER The top

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Killer Bait OVER is produced by one of the best fishing guides in Lake Biwa “Masaki Onaka”. Large sized blades are attached to specifically designed arm for the killer bait series. These larger blades and the special arm create maximum vibration, flashing and water displacement in killers bait series. These components are required in wide areas and under tough conditions such as heavy rain, strong wind and muddy water. OVER allows anglers to retrieve in slow speed while maintaining consistent movement. OVER’s ability to work a slow speed increases the opportunity of fish strikes by keeping the lure in the strike zone longer.

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Angry Red, Gekichar, Natural Pearl White, Black Chart, Natural Pink, 07S GM Chart, Flashing Lime #14


3/8oz, 1/2oz


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