Gan Craft Bariki Shad


The word Bariki stands for “Horse Power” in Japanese and that is exactly what the Gan Craft Bariki Shad Swimbait brings to swimbait fishing

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The Bariki Shad has a low roll action on the body, and swims with a slight shake of the head to reproduce the natural swimming action of a baitfish. While the body action is suppressed, the powerful tail action stimulates bass with water pressure and waves. By inserting a nail sinker into the “BARIKI up hole” in the upper part of the tail, the tail action becomes more intense and appealing. By inserting a rattle into the hole, the lure can also appeal to bass with different sounds.

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Ja Ayu, Wakasagi, Pearl White, Hologram Shad, Biwako Ayu, Green Pumpkin Shad


3.8", 4.8"


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