Gamakatsu G-Power Heavy Cover Flip & Punch Hook


Designed by Aaron Martens, Gamakatsu has developed the new G-Power Flip and Punch Hook. A step up from the G-Finesse Heavy Cover Hook, for serious flipping and punching with heavy fluorocarbon and braid

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The TGW (Tournament Grade Wire) hook, paired with its welded eye, make this one of the strongest hooks in Gamakatsu’s G-Series lineup. Ideal for larger baits and weights, punching through grass mats and flipping into heavy timber. G-Power Flip and Punch ideally matches to all types of cover and able to withstand extreme conditions.

New G-Power series Flip and Punch hook designed by Aaron Martens
TGW and Nano Smooth Coat
Aaron’s custom tin keeper
Shortened point length for faster hook penetration
Heavy wire for serious flipping and punching
Color: Nano Coat


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